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Making control of in-vehicle emergency equipment less distracting


OPSES Manufactures the VERTO switch that interfaces directly with the OEM infotainment touch screen and allows safe control and seamless integration of equipment fitted for emergency services drivers and unifies their user interfaces onto the vehicle’s existing touchscreen display.

Significantly improve driver safety and reduces driver distraction

Increase de-fleet resell value as VERTO and IMPERO require no holes to be drilled in the dash

Supports compliance with vehicle use and driver legislation

Reduces equipment installation and vehicle de-fleeting costs

Integrates with most vehicle manufacturers used in the emergency and roadside services fleets

100% safe, no over-the-air updates

Simple to install and VERTO requires no equipment to be installed on the dash

Reduce driver distraction and allow safe control of emergency equipment



The Opses IMPERO apps suite runs on the Opses CENTRUM in-vehicle computer and unifies control of Emergency Lights, Siren, Radio, ANPR/ALPR Cameras, CCTV Cameras, Matrix message boards and Command and Control software


OPSES VERTO is our smart screen switch that allows an external device or control system to be displayed on and controlled from the factory OEM vehicle touchscreen

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