Transmit (TX) up to 2x additional range with Silvus MIMO Technology, proudly offered, integrated and supported by Opses

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An Introduction to MIMO:

Many modern telecommunications standards, particularly in the consumer space, have adopted multiple antenna (MIMO) technology because of the significant advantages it provides over similar system utilizing single antenna transceivers (SISO).

MIMO stands for Multiple-In Multiple-Out; when a packet is transmitted into the channel it transmits on more than one antenna and upon leaving the channel it is received on multiple antennas. Multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver introduce signalling degrees of freedom that were absent in SISO systems. This is referred to as the spatial degree of freedom. The spatial degrees of freedom can either be exploited for “diversity” or “multiplexing” or a combination of the two. In simple terms, diversity means redundancy.

Key features in Silvus MIMO radios:

  • Transmit (TX) up to 2x additional range
  • Spatial Multiplexing for enhanced throughput
  • Space-Time Coding for enhanced robustness
  • Receive (RX) Beamforming for enhanced reception
  • Data Rates up to 100+Mbps
  • Onboard storage on certain hardware
  • Improved power efficiency for cooler operation and longer battery life
  • “HD quality” bidirectional push-to-talk voice with G.722 codec
  • Automatic link adaptation to continually optimize throughput in dynamic environments
  • Single frequency transmit and receive (TDD)
  • Self-healing, self-forming flexible MANET/mesh network
  • Enhanced mobility support for high-speed platforms
  • Dual band support (optional)
  • 5MHz, 10MHz, and 20MHz bandwidth modes
  • Ultra-low Latency (<10mS per hop)
  • Ethernet, USB, (x2), voice (PTT), and RS232 data interfaces
  • WiFi hotspot via dongle
  • GPS (CoT/PLI) via external module
  • Ruggedized IP67-rated construction

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