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Opses provide bespoke broadcast, digital media, secure communications and tailored mobile solutions.
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The contemporary security & defence environment presents a formidable digital challenge to those responsible for countering terrorism, handling civil unrest or responding to disasters. We create designs that fuse cutting-edge equipment and data management capabilities with a range of protected vehicles and fixed installations; creating platforms that enable military organisations, police, emergency services and other first responders to operate effectively in the most demanding situations.

Our unique expertise and capabilities include:

  • Bespoke designs to fit operational situations
  • Rapid solution development ensuring operational relevance
  • Use of modular systems and commercial off-the-shelf equipment for ease of maintenance
  • Management and integration of multiple data streams for enhanced decision support
  • Applying broadcast-quality imagery to military and security situations, for enhanced surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Leading-edge software applications for rapid information fusion
  • Smart management of data and optimisation of bandwidth to enable transmission of critical information
  • Social media monitoring and management capabilities
  • Full range of communications solutions to maintain operational integrity (satellite, terrestrial, WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi)
  • Optimising automotive and protection solutions, preserving deployed mobility and survivability

Our experience & knowledge in this industry provides best of breed technology with a vast array of technical partners, delivering maximum value to every solution we engineer. Ease of use and operability is paramount to our design process. With technology standardised across the fleet, equipment is transferable between the fixed installations and mobile units, greatly reducing logistics, maintenance and support costs.

In particular, our mobile solutions are designed to allow access to a wider range of locations, from inner-city sites to rural environments with extreme weather conditions and are also built to operate in riot conditions, hostile territories, and rough terrains.

With a host of technical and operational benefits, Opses deliver the specific functionality your application requires, built to the highest of standards, at the right price.

IMPERO manages key emergency equipment.
Transmit (TX) up to 2x additional range with Silvus MIMO Technology.

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