Advanced riot-proof technology for exceptionally proficient crowd control.

The VSA (Video Surveillance Automobile) is a riot-proof high-technology surveillance unit providing effective crowd monitoring and control as an essential component of The Hague’s Safe City infrastructure.
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The custom-built twenty camera video surveillance vehicle captures 360 degree high resolution audio and video evidence in the most testing of environments. Armoured against low velocity objects and vandal-resistant, the unit can be deployed directly into hostile situations and equipped with leading-edge surveillance technology, the vehicle captures and records content in real time with optional wireless hand-cameras for close-up evidence capture by officers.

A rapidly-deployable public disorder video surveillance unit:

  • 3 rings of visual capture:
    • Roof-line cameras allow ‘stitched’ (360º) recording of immediate vicinity.
    • Additional 8 cameras mounted on telescopic mast for medium range ‘stitched’ video capture.
    • Gyro-stabilised camera dome provides high resolution daylight and IR imaging controlled by vehicle operator or by remote control room.
  • Biometric, facial and number plate recognition software options provide additional evidence gathering functionality.
  • Surveillance system records all cameras internally and can stream any camera to remote control room over 3G/4G, WiFi or Iridium satellite/BGAN.
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