Customised vehicles that provide enhanced protection.

Opses work closely with specialist vehicle armourers to produce high-grade protected tactical VIP Vehicles for governments,
elected officials and senior officials who may be at risk.
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Our custom built VIP Vehicles give occupants added protection against external attack or in case of a car accident. In addition, we offer the installation of a number of technologies into our Tactical VIP vehicles; allowing full communications to provide additional facilities to the esteemed occupants. We work closely with our clients to produce bespoke and feature-rich solutions.

One of the safest, most secure, fast-response command and VIP vehicles available:

  • Highest level of security, including world-leading Hutchinson run-flat tyre system, certified B6-level armour and secondary battery system for redundancy.
  • Covert emergency illumination and siren system.
  • Full HD satellite video link system using low profile phased array antenna system.
  • Secured communications (such as MIMO) for reliable and agile voice and data links.
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