Mobile Disaster Recovery: Keeping services
running in challenging situations.

In today’s digital society, where information is available 24/7, maintaining open communication channels is increasingly important,
particularly in times of political crisis & national emergency.
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In a world where the only certainty is change, implementing a reliable Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy to provide always-on broadcast & communications is essential. By integrating mobility into the Disaster Recovery strategy, continuity & integrity will be secured in any situation, from any location. Through Social Media, TV and Radio Broadcast, Critical Communications & Crisis Management, our solutions provide the ability to influence to anticipate, respond & control emerging events.

At Opses we design & build fixed and mobile Disaster Recovery solutions integrating cutting-edge communications & data management capabilities with a range of protected vehicles; creating platforms that enable organisations to operate effectively in the most demanding situations.

A successful mobile DR solution ensures relevant, quality coverage continues during a crisis to keep broadcaster integrity intact. If viewers remain unaware that the transmission is mobile, the system has done its job; it should feel like a normal broadcast to the audience.

Tom Haye, Managing Director, Opses

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