Border Operational Surveillance System that provides reliable, secure communications.

Opses provide a multi-terrain surveillance platform that delivers down and up-link support for airborne and border patrol operations.
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Working closely with our technology partners in the aircraft-mounted surveillance industry, our agile and rugged downlink vehicles provide ‘link-to-ground’ & ‘secure-signal forwarding’ capabilities. Reliable communication links between airplane, helicopter or other airborne appliance are established with our mobile ground units. Tracking antennae, point to point links and latest generation mobile-data over LTE/4G mechanisms ensure signals from the plane arrive securely at their destination.


  • 3G/4G mobile network utilised to send audio-visual content from both aircraft and vehicle, back to control rooms, along with secured MIMO or other links.
  • Ideal for police and intelligence agencies for surveying large infrastructure, visible from the air.
  • Cameras mounted on vehicle provide additional situational awareness.
  • Covert downlink antenna options are also available.
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