Best-of-breed technology, software and purpose-crafted hardware that meet your unique needs.

Opses design and build bespoke fixed and mobile technical solutions. With a heritage in the broadcast industry, we harness the power of high quality audio, video, imagery and workflows, proven by professional media companies worldwide.
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Our innovative solutions address continued issues faced by security and defence organisations in the digital era; from ultra-high definition digital imaging, social media monitoring and cyber security capabilities to reliable multi-spectrum communications & big data asset management.

Providing expert software and hardware integration, we deliver cutting-edge technical solutions, on time and on budget.

Our expert capabilities enable us to deliver complex custom solutions in challenging circumstances, seamlessly integrating technology with existing systems infrastructure, minimising disruption to live operations. With end-to-end services from bespoke design, systems integration and trusted project management to after-sales training and on-going support, we deliver functionality built to the highest standards, for peace of mind at a highly competitive price.

Our solutions incorporate:

  • Maximum use of COTS equipment – making the best solution available and affordable
  • Agnostic hardware and software – always delivering the right equipment to meet your needs
  • Modularity and scalability – bringing flexibility and agility to your specific requirements
Border Operational Surveillance System that provides reliable, secure communications.
Mobile Disaster Recovery: Keeping broadcast services running in times of crisis.
Tactical VIP Vehicle: Customised vehicles that provide enhanced protection.
Video Surveillance Automobile: Advanced riot-proof technology for exceptionally proficient crowd control.

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