Peace of mind in the most demanding of scenarios

Opses offer tailored expert training, service and support when you need it most.
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We take great pride in producing long lasting products of the highest quality with an exceptional support structure in place to ensure you have the help available when you need it most.

We have the financial security, expertise and customer focus to be a true technology and systems support partner for all your projects and beyond. Once a system has been built, a purpose-designed expert service solution is developed, ensuring our clients receive the correct level of training, support and assistance available at all times.

Our commitment to our projects doesn’t end at the Hand Over. For our solutions to prove immediately effective and reliable, it is imperative the operators and technicians receive professional and personal training. We understand that it is not always practical or cost effective to send staff away to attend training courses; therefore Opses provide training both on and offsite. Our training courses vary considerably according to the project and a flexible bespoke approach ensures our courses are created and delivered to your specific needs.

Our support structures are in place to give you peace of mind in the most demanding of scenarios:

  • Modular design allowing quick transfer of technology to back-up vehicles in case of unscheduled vehicle downtime.
  • Fully engineered modification enables vehicles to be maintained within manufacturer’s global dealer network.
  • Extensive training for system engineers and operators.
  • Leveraging global dealer networks to ensure rapid availability of parts and expertise.

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