Knowing your environment is critical to the
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Situational Awareness solutions from Opses integrate leading-edge software with high-performance audio, video and UAV technologies.
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Improve capabilities and reduce costs

Our in-house expert team custom-build vehicles with bespoke multiple-sensor systems, such as high resolution panoramic cameras. From UAV reconnaissance and airport runway inspection systems to perimeter, police crowd control and border surveillance, we support clients around the world with tailored situational awareness fixed and mobile solutions.

Simplify and enhance information gathering to improve tactical and strategic decision making:

360 degree Camera Systems – Why “Wide Area Surveillance”?

Preventing and solving offences by supplying vital intelligence when you need it.

We offer a variety of solutions for government agencies whose main responsibility is the safety and security of people and property. We provide high quality, powerful and user-friendly solutions for the following markets:

  • Homeland security
  • Army & military
  • Police
  • Private security companies
  • Facility management

Traditional CCTV requires a multitude of cameras, complex wiring and a corresponding number of screens. Even for experienced operators it is hard to visualize the actual situation and assess imminent threats.

Our latest-generation Wide Area Surveillance systems are based on immersive video-capturing and intuitive playback/analysis, using virtual panoramas with touchscreen control. Our technology uses multiple cameras, positioned in a circular array creating a 360° view from a single location, to provide highly effective, full surveillance in a wide variety of circumstances.

Operating in the “Autonomous” stand-alone mode, the images captured by the cameras (six per “donut”) are stitched together by the software and displayed on the operator’s screen. The stitched images can be projected in a special “virtual-panoramic-mode” that creates a 360° view on one screen, but also be projected in a virtual PTZ (virtual Pan-Tilt Zoom) mode or even locked-off VCAM (Virtual Camera) mode if required.

360 degree camera shot

The system offers the same advantages as traditional Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras: i.e. the operator can rotate and tilt the camera and zoom-in on every single detail, but the major advantage of our system in comparison to the traditional PTZ system, is that the PTZ function is freely available in playback mode (so pan and tilt after the event). All video streams are in high definition (and 4K ultra-high definition for the daylight camera donuts) and captured natively for evidential purposes with corresponding GPS coordinates of precisely where the recording took place.

Our systems provide superior immersive imagery.

The operator monitors a single screen providing a 360° image of the surveillance area; can look around freely, zoom-in and instantly replay images, ensuring a much shorter response time and ensuring effective decision making in critical situations.

The security operator  can view the Virtual Panoramas in real time, pin-point areas of interest quickly by taking control of a high-quality PTZ camera with superb longer-range daylight zoom optics and zoom thermal camera capability.

RF Surveillance:

  • Vehicle-based, self-contained comms intelligence solution
  • Versatile tactical COMINT solution for 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • Identity Catching (IMSI and IMEI) with Direction Finding with GPS assisted intuitive mapping
  • Target Management
  • Area Surveillance of wanted telephone devices
  • Mobile service blocking
  • Custom designed intuitive and user interface
  • Integrated USB, Wi-Fi & networks
  • Intelligent & silent integrated power system
  • Ergonomic operator positions for extended missions
  • Covert central ‘pod’ on rear seat with hidden power system controls

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